These Wool Wall Hangings Add Luxury To Your Home

These Wool Wall Hangings Add Luxury to Your Home

If you are seeking home inspiration for next year, we have got you covered. Anything that looks like the work of a detail-obsessed artisan will be right at home in 2019. A few artisanal elements will keep things interesting without the pressure to commit an entire space to the look.

In other words, next year will be the year of the craftsperson. The desire for unique products with a calming appearance will increasingly be expressed via soothing palettes that soften your space. A home with a means of serenity you are aiming for will make its way into next year. 

The trend of a serene home perfectly matches the natural bohemian decor of weaves and tapestries that never faded away. However, these contemporary textiles are not just a simple throwback, they are given a modern twist. They are rich, offset and cool, offering fresh and laid-back feels to the new designs.

These hand knotted wall hangings are just that and the perfect way to add a splash of color, pattern and texture to your space while keeping that sense of serenity. Crafted from pure merino wool, they are extremely soft and full. 

Our textile artist creates our felted wall hangings. Using a spun and non-twisted wool, the art pieces depict all sorts of shapes, the feather being our all-time favorite. The tangible and meaningful pieces are ready-to-hang with a leather label, embossed with our signature Tess VS logo, that comes with each piece. 

Our artist uses a combination of techniques to handcraft each piece. For the base, she knots and merges layers of wool fibers into one piece of fabric. To get this specific look and fluffy feel, each strand is meticulously twisted and attached to the base. It is the result of intricate work to develop such unique textures and surfaces. 

Big, bold and 100% natural, these ready-to-hang wall hangings make your place pop, boho proof and 2019 ready! Available in different colors with classic sensibilities they are an elegant choice, entirely personal and a serene piece in your home.

Give your home a personal touch with these precious decorations and pick your favorite! Because what is a better way to start the New Year than with a calming personal space where you can slowly tick off your New Year’s resolutions…

Shop our wool wall hangings here.

Our wool wall hangings are manufactured within the EU and crafted from wool from a certified and animal friendly company, so we guarantee that absolutely no animal is hurt in the process of making this product. Colors can be slightly different due to the nature of the wool itself. 

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