Swan Market – Sustainable Lifestyle Event

If you read our blog posts, you have probably noticed that we aim to create and offer products that are fairly produced. After traveling from continent to continent and watching the pollution of the earth taking more serious forms, we decided to lead a life that is more mindful and gentler to our earth. And it is not as hard as you think. Organizations that focus on a sustainable lifestyle are becoming increasingly popular. 

An event that lives and breathes this philosophy is the Swan Market. This festival is a platform for starting, creative entrepreneurs that create handmade products to help people become more mindful of their choices, minimize waste and play a part in creating a consumer movement towards a more sustainable way of life. 

When you lead a busy life, aiming to cook healthy and go shopping and festival-hopping with friends, this is often a struggle. Not to mention that the information available on what to buy and from who is often confusing and conflicting. 

With the existence of a gigantic mass market, it is so simple for customers to get cheap clothes without checking where and how it is fabricated. At the Swan Market, the majority of products is made by hand from natural fabrics and carries a fair price. Going the extra mile, you can take your own reusable bag or tote when shopping. This way, you will help decrease the huge number of plastic bags found on beaches that pose a threat to marine wildlife. 

Unfortunately, shopping bags are not the only cause of the increasing kilos of plastic found on beaches and in the ocean. Packaged food is the main cause of the huge amount of plastic going into your bin every week. At the Swan Market, you will find authentic food trucks that sell organic and package-free food that is delicious and freshly produced.

This event is perfect for the adventurous spirit, always on the hunt for unique products while being spoiled with delicious homemade food and drinks and music from new to reputable artists. 

By simply changing a few aspects, events like the Swan Market make us more aware of how we are leaving our footprints on the world. Through treading lightly, you can stop our oceans and landfills clogging up with plastics and you will find that you begin to live more mindfully in all aspects of your life. 

We love sharing our collection in this way. Stay tuned to see at which other events you can find us. 

If you want to know why a sustainable lifestyle is so important to us, please read our story here.

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