Sustainable And Inclusive Luxury

Sustainable and Inclusive Luxury

The days when sustainable fashion brands meant hippy pants and scratchy sweaters are well and truly over. More and more designers across the fashion industry are taking the leap to produce eco-friendlier and inclusive. 

We find our luxury in our commitment to create beautiful styles made from the most exquisite of natural materials, all assembled by fairly paid, highly skilled artisans. 

Our style is a take on casual luxury, glorious textured neutrals and wearable prints and the perfect mix of relaxed and chic. We aim to design and collect garments that will last you years. 

Whoever said environmental sustainability and luxury fashion could not mix? We made a list of our favorite luxurious inspirations. Be inspired.

Color Rich Fashion Photography

Color-rich fashion photography 

These colorful fashion photographs have a character that is more than meets the eye. Elena Iv-skaya’s vibrantly infused photoshoot is created for an editorial in Lucy’s Magazine and a true eye-opener. Named ‘BoKaap’, the feature portrays the vibrant character of the Bo-Kaap area in Cape Town through a distinctly fashion-forward lens. 

Nature-Inspired Handmade Jewelry

Nature-inspired handmade jewelry

With an eye for good, stylish and timeless design, artist Kelci Potter creates a charming line of nature-inspired handmade jewelry. The collections are beautiful and are sure to accentuate any wardrobe with a delicate touch. The nature-inspired handmade jewelry designs are sure to motivate and uplift the spirit of the wearer with a delicately elegant aesthetic.

Tropical Luxury Fashion Campaigns

Tropical luxury fashion campaigns 

From the extensive line-up of luxury fashion campaigns, the Alexander McQueen’s Spring / Summer 2018 photoshoot is truly a mysteriously beautiful adventure into unknown terrains and unexplored cultures. Tapping into the elegance and grace of South Sudan model Shanelle Nyasiase, the bold colors and sizable jewelry really make an impression against the peaceful, green-dominant tropical background.

Fashion-Designed Inspired Home Decors

Fashion-designed inspired home decors 

The Louis Vuitton fashion design-inspired home decor capsule shows how haute couture can extend from the body to the home with the same ease and elegance. Debuting at Palazzo Bocconi in Milan, the stylish collection boasts a sophisticated craftsmanship and an attention to detail. 

Women-Led Fair Trade Brands

Women-led fair trade brands

YIREH is a fair trade brand that embraces notions of femininity with delicate, breezy and carefree designs. Founded by Emily Jaime in 2014, the fashion label has grown to support local communities in sustainable ways and extend the authentic cultural values of Indonesia to the rest of the world. 

The business boasts small batch collections that directly oppose fast fashion. The fair trade brand was inspired by travel and it carries socially conscious and ethical implications even in its name — YIREH (Year-ay’) is translated from Hebrew as ‘will provide.’ 

Images via Trend Hunter

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