Sparkle Into The New Year

Sparkle Into the New Year

Each year it is the same routine. This is the year you will get your life together and seriously work on your bucket list. Year’s resolutions you promise to keep, but come mid-February (probably mid-January) and your New Year, New Me plans have been long forgotten. 

You probably gave up on creating New Year’s resolutions years ago because you, like most people, could never stick to them. So why bother…

And it is true. It is impossible to wake up one morning and suddenly turn your life around. To stick to a strict salad, fitness regimen, volunteer more, read more, spend less time on Facebook 

The trick is to change habits and to add goals that can actually be realized. Take the list of goals you have in mind for next year and split them into monthly goals. Here is ours to help get you started. 

January – Visit a new country

Wanderlust is real. The more you see, the better.

February – Fulfill a sustainable goal

Take your life list to another level. Going green (even in small ways) is an important thing for us all to introduce into our lives. If we each take small steps, it adds up to huge impacts.

March – Try a new craft

Handcraft is extremely underrated. Learn how to make jewelry, clothing or candles. We promise you it will be fun. 

April – Savor the local cuisine

Daring with food choices while abroad makes you feel in touch with the culture. There is a feeling of authenticity in trying local food that is unmistakable. 

May – Tackle a fear

Nothing makes you feel more alive than doing something that absolutely terrifies you. The adrenaline rush and fear that slowly transitions over to talking yourself up, encouragement, pursuit and accomplishment, makes for a lifelong memory and an unforgettable adventure. 

June – Participate in yacht week in Europe

Old World European countries like Croatia and Greece? Check. Beaches? Check. Yacht? Check. Personal skipper and cook? Check. 

July – Take a coastal road trip

There is something so nostalgic and magical about driving down the coastline on a road trip adventure. Whether it is the salty breeze blowing through your hair, the endless sea that is sparkling back at you or the feeling that you are somehow unstoppable. A coastal road trip makes you extremely reflective, but most importantly, emits a strong sense of freedom.

August – Go to a festival

There are festivals going on all over the world at this time. Choose something that you love – art, music, food, wine – and find the perfect festival. You will be surrounded by like-minded people and exposed to new ideas. 

September – Complete a meditation retreat

Being able to focus and train yourself to believe in and support your dream best life on a daily basis calls for some meditation. The clarity, stillness and control gained from a meditation retreat is priceless. 

October – Go to a concert you have always wanted to go to

Listening to your favorite band on your phone is all well and good. But the best version of your favorite song will always be the one you hear live.

November – Spend an entire day getting pampered in a spa

We all deserve at least one day in our lives that is spent being pampered from head to toe. Book a spa day and just get everything, from the seaweed wrap to the mud exfoliating cleanse. 

December – Always tell your friends and family you love them

The most cheesy way to end a list of unique experiences, but also the most important one. When you look back at the end of the year, you may remember your best experiences, but you will definitely remember the loved ones who were there with you for the ride. 

So thank you 2018 for a great year. 2019, we are so ready for you!

The best is yet to come. 

Happy new year to all of you!


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