Moon Phase Rug


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Our Moon Phase Rug is a pretty accessory for life at home gives your space a magical touch. This beautiful rug is drenched in muted tones and earthy pastels and adds more layers and warmth to your home. The moon represents powerful feminine energy and signifies wisdom, intuition and a spiritual connection. Each phase of the moon has a unique visual characteristic and spiritual meaning, such as new beginnings, decision making and gratitude. Complete with boho-inspired tassels and anti-slip backing, this soft accessory is also suitable for bathrooms. Perfect to create a relaxing ambience, our Moon Phase Rug brings a touch of softness to your favorite space in the house.


Handmade in India.


Material & Care

  • 95% cotton & 5% other fiber
  • Hand wash only



  • Length: 100 cm
  • Width: 52 cm


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