Dried Rosebuds


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Dried Rosebuds, the natural care of the Roses Valley


Virtues: Known for its tonic properties and its excellent contribution in vitamin C, the rose is effective in the fight against fatigue. Its pink color is also synonymous with love and femininity, it is a beauty elixir proven in the world even today. A true traditional ritual among Berber women, they use it in cold infusion as a natural tonic and anti-ageing tonic.


Intensity: Fresh and well scented
Composition: Hand picked rosebuds. It is in the valley of the roses in the south of Morocco, before sunrise that the roses are picked to keep all the freshness of their perfume. They are then dried for a month in a ventilated room away from the sun to preserve their soft pinkish color.
Directions for use : In home cosmetics, let one good handful of rosebuds infuse in 100ml of boiling spring water for 30 minutes. Filter and leave to cool for a few hours away from the light. Your tonic and make-up remover lotion for the face is ready! Rosebuds should also be combined with bath salt to purify and perfume the skin. Can also be used in cooking as the rose is excellent for flavouring desserts or in meat dishes where it can be combined with warm spices such as pepper and cinnamon. Close the bag tightly after each use.



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