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Our Story

We make choices every single day. And it is funny how a choice that may seem irrelevant at first, can define the rest of your life.

It all started when I graduated from high school, and like many of you, had no idea what I wanted to do… I enrolled in several studies at university but decided at the very last moment not to go. Instead, I booked a ticket to China and left.

China became a place where my world and heart grew. It taught me so much more than that year at university could have. It expanded my awareness and was a much-needed reminder that life is meant to be a grand adventure. And most importantly, it made me realize that whatever I was gonna do next, I wanted to make the world a little bit better.

In the journeys that followed, I met many inspirational artists. Artists with a story that make unique products in small editions. Guided by endless journeys, meeting locals and discovering new cultures, it was not hard to find inspiration.

Not much later, the concept of Tess VS was born: a boho chic fashion and lifestyle brand that is ethically driven and inspired by the feeling of freedom and traveling the world. We tap into that sense of fairness, authenticity, nostalgia, beauty and freedom. The vibrant and expressive part of you that emerges when traveling the world, following your dreams and coloring outside the lines. Tess VS brings that spirit to life, wherever you are.

There is a long way ahead, language barriers are sometimes difficult, but we are slowly working towards our goal: Our own collection with exclusively handmade timeless and elegant products that are fairly produced. A mix of signature looks inspired by classics and far-off places meshing basics with unique fabrics and patterns. Our first collection of handmade leather bags has just arrived and will be available soon.

We believe that the people we meet, the things we consume and the places we love all have potential to change us. And by working with people who might need a little hand, we are trying to give the fashion and lifestyle branch a different twist by making the world a little bit better.



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