The Holiday Gift Guide For Someone Who Has Everything

The Holiday Gift Guide for Someone Who Has Everything

We get it – holiday shopping is quite a challenge, especially when you are looking for the perfect gift for a special person. Imagine having a friend who already has, literally, everything. You are taking a difficult task and making it a mission impossible. However, no need to worry. We have you covered with little luxuries, from shiny accessories to cozy winter knits. 

From the friend who always makes you laugh to the one who loves all things cozy, we have gifts for every person(ality) on your list. For the people on your list who love to go out and the ones who love to cancel plans. Find the perfect gift for the friend living all your #travelgoals and the one is a dedicated animal lover. 

Gifts for the homebody

As wintry weather and the holidays approach, there are a few things more satisfying than curling up with a super soft blanket and a hot chocolate. If you know someone whose holiday goal is to be as cozy as possible, ahead you will find a soft knit and all of the essentials that will make staying indoors the highlight of the season.

Gifts for the life of the party

No matter what time it is and where you are, this friend is someone you can always count on to get the party started. The person who is always on the list, the life of the party, the one that if they are not in attendance your soirée would just not be the same. From ever so chic earrings to the perfect way to pop some bottles, this guide has got you covered when it comes to gifting the most spirited of them all. 

Gifts for the friend on the go

If traveling were free, you would never see them again. Since it is clear that travelers value experiences above nearly all else, get them a gift that upgrades their adventures – by making things easier, more fun or just upping the adventure factor. These are the gifts for the wanderlusters in your life that will make their travel experiences even more memorable.

Gifts for the animal lover

We all have at least one animal lover in our lives who just goes crazy for anything in the shape of a cute creature or printed with some sort of animal. Whether it is something to wear or just look at, animal lovers will go wild for these presents. 

The holidays are a season for giving, not just to friends and family but also to people in need. Some gifts allow you to check both those gift-wrapped boxes at once. Whether you give a donation to a nonprofit in a friend’s name or pick up a piece of jewelry crafted by artisans in developing countries, there is no shortage of options for presents with a social impact. That is why we do not participate in Black Friday discounting and donate 20% of your purchase to Save The Children instead. As if a gift that gives twice was not enough of a draw, the items in our gift guide are the perfect idea for that friend who has everything. 

A big bonus – Charity helps you to feel good too. So go ahead and add a few items to your shopping list for an extra perk this holiday season and spread a little Christmas spirit to those who really need it.

You are gifted. 

Shop our holiday gift guide here.

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