The Coolest Ice Cream Parlors In The World

The Coolest Ice Cream Parlors in the World

Ice cream fanatics: we are exposing you to the best ice cream spots that the world has to offer. Not only are the scoops wild, but the cones are larger than life and the interiors are magazine-worthy. From Italy to Japan, we have got inside the scoop. Hope you do not have a sweet tooth – we recommend having a backup of dessert bars on hand because you will need ice cream after this. 

Ice Scream

Ice Scream, New York City

Why eat pre-frozen ice cream, when you can eat it the right way? This liquid nitrogen ice cream bar does away with freezer space and wait time and prepares a freshly frozen scoop your way. Freezing at -196 degrees, the ice cream has less ice crystals and air, meaning the taste is dense, smooth and creamy. Choose from a mess of toppings, from caramel de leche to fluffy whipped cream and dine in because the 80s interior is an ideal spot to chill (literally). 


ZERO-E, Isola del Liri

Established in 1989, it is no surprise ZERO-E has perfected the art of making traditional Italian gelato. The look and feel of their dessert store is as authentic and flawless as the ice cream flavors on offer. There is almost always a line but it is so worth it. 

Eyescream & Friends

Eyescream & Friends, Barcelona

One of Barcelona’s coolest ice cream spots, Eyescream & Friends whips up a combo of Italian gelato and Taiwanese shaved ice with a playful twist. A great pick-me-up on a hot summer’s day, their cute monster-like treats are covered with colorful toppings and googly candy eyes. The interior is smart, simple and fresh, allowing the quirky produce to be the center of attraction. 

Milk Train

Milk Train, London

Candy floss, popcorn and (duh) ice cream are a few of the funky sweets invented at London’s Milk Train. A common cone here includes a cloud of cotton candy surrounding a mountain of soft serve and sprinkled with wild candies. The parlor’s modern Covent Garden storefront is designed to look like a train station and their ice cream creations are almost (almost) too good to eat. Mix a scoop of custard tart with rose milk and you are in for a treat. 

Snow Picnic

Snow Picnic, Tokyo

Watching ice cream being made at Snow Picnic is quite a spectacle. Prepared on the spot with liquid nitrogen to freeze the mixture faster for smoother results, you can watch the magic happen from one of the three greenery-filled seating areas. Choose from base flavors topped with a variety of Japanese delicacies and American sweets. 

Museum of Ice Cream Shop

Museum of Ice Cream Shop, San Francisco

If your biggest weakness is ice cream, embrace your vice at the Museum of Ice Cream Shop in San Fran. With locations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami, the Bay edition is the coolest sport in town and an ode to America’s favorite dessert. Take a dip in the sprinkle pool, swing through the mint jungle and get lost in the candy-pink shop. Settle in with a Vanillionaire milkshake and an avant-garde scoop of Churro Churro in the other. 

Frankie & Jo's

Frankie & Jo’s, Seattle 

The most delicious and creative plant-based ice cream you have ever tasted! Ingredients are of the highest quality and flavors change with a season, ranging from chocolate kale coconut to almond butter cherry. Frankie & Jo’s fresh interior with hints of tropical greens make the parlor feel like Palm Springs or a luscious jungle. Their Salty Caramel Ash is reportedly their most popular flavor made with their specialty activated charcoal caramel sauce to create a pitch black color. 

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