Artisan Story - A Golden Lining

Artisan Story – A Golden Lining

Eco-mindfulness sounds like an alchemy while the once-sacred term “sustainability” has been exploited by industrial guilt traps. 

Tess VS has always honored the philosophy of ethically producing lust-worthy garments and offering sustainable shopping solutions without scrimping on style. From the beginning of our brand, the art of hand crafting was important to us and our first creations were handmade jewelry. We have searched, and continue to search, high and low, to discover one-of-a-kind craftsmen with an eye on sustainability. Given that, it is not always easy.

Especially in uncertain times like these, it is important to reflect why we do, what we do.

The current pandemic is giving us time to slow down, reflect and reconnect to what we really are. It is showing us in all our weaknesses and strengths, in all our fear and empathy, that we are connected, intertwined as threads in a loom. 

We treasure the Earth’s resources, craftsmanships and creative communities. We are dedicated to continue to develop our eco-aligned mindset and to support our artisans who pour their hearts into delivering carefully crafted garments on a daily basis. Our garments would not exist if it were not for the passion and dedication from our partners around the globe. 


Our gemstone jewelry is handcrafted by Michalis, who has been silversmithing and cutting gemstones in Greece for over 25 years. We connected with this talented man while traveling the historical city of Athens and island hopping the Greek Islands. Michalis is inspired by the beauty of nature and believes we should savor the simple things in life and carry these small moments of happiness close to our hearts. An important message he propagates in the craft of his one-of-a-kind jewelry. 

A new drop of gemstone jewelry has just landed. An ethical, original range of attentively crafted gems with all the simplicity and beauty that happens when an artisan pours his heart into his work. Unique, all our gems are now embossed with our logo, entirely by hand.

With a rising global demand for cleaner, healthier and more sustainably packaged products, there is really no excuse not to move to pastures green. The dim glow of silver around these huge looming storm clouds, may be the sparkle for us to see what is truly important. 

We are dedicated to building long term, authentic relationships with our global partners and cannot wait until quarantine is over, meet them again and give each of them a big hug.

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