Fall Accessories You Need For Your Wardrobe

Accessories You Need in Your Fall Wardrobe

It is tempting to buy a new wardrobe every season as we are all about creating a capsule collection. Plus, a mix of staple pieces makes getting ready in the morning a lot easier.  As much as we all love fall fashion, there are ways to amp up your fall wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

We took all of this season’s biggest trends and listed fall’s most on-point pieces that embody fall sophistication through and through. A mix of classic meets modern, vintage meets new and animal print meets work-ready wear. 

From the leopard print gloves you can wear every day to the chicest mini croc purse, tap through for the coolest items that anyone can pull off and will totally update your wardrobe this fall. 

Velvet bandeau Flore


A retro velvet bandeau

Wear this bandeau with a soft sweater and jeans, tied in your hair or as a hairband – the combinations are endless.

Gloves Leopard

Chic leopard print gloves

Embodying the flirty spirit of all things animal print, these wearable gloves are about the easiest way to add a chunk of leopard print to your wardrobe. Pair them with your trench and throw on some booties and you are set.

Velvet Sailor Cap Alex


A cool velvet sailor cap

Tackle two trends in one with this cool velvet hat. Even if you picked up your basic black, here is an update you obviously need.

Silver Plated Pendant Necklace Livvy


A pretty pendant

Nothing is more versatile than a sparkling gemstone necklace and this less-expensive piece is your silver everyday upgrade.

Croco bag Josie


A mini croc purse

This sophisticated baby bag gives every outfit a chic twist. Opt for one in burnt-orange or vibrant green tones with a retro chain. 

Gold Plated Earrings Eye Candy


Sparkly hoop earrings

The perfect way to spice up any outfit.

Wool beret Blake


A classy wool beret

What happens in Paris, does definitely not stay in Paris. This unofficial national accessory of France will take a casual look to the next level.

Wool scarf Amber


A soft blanket scarf

The perfect expression of comfort meets style, a blanket scarf is chic and literally feels like a blanket on your body. What is not to love…

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